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Aspenwood Cellars Pledge 

At Aspenwood Cellars we will try to make the best wine possible and offer it at a reasonable price.  Every working person deserves a nice bottle of wine.  Good wine should not be a privilege reserved only for the wealthy.

Great Wine Starts in the Vineyard
There are many true statements regarding wine but none more than “great wine starts in the vineyard”. We take great pride in working with the best vineyards in Washington State and we gratefully acknowledge their role in our success.


Quality Without Compromise - In Vino Veritas

In Vino Veritas, another of those true statements about wine and winemaking. Translated, it means “In wine there is truth”.  Each taste of wine will remind you of what you did right and what you did wrong as a winemaker.  Wine hides nothing. Wine holds nothing back. So indeed there is truth in wine.  There is no room for short cuts, compromises or complacency.  Quality in the finished wine is the direct result of quality practices at each step in the wine making process.


When you gather with your family for a special holiday dinner or any dinner and you choose to celebrate with Aspenwood Cellars wines,  we will know we have lived up to our pledge.  At Aspenwood Cellars, we will sell no wine that we wouldn’t proudly serve our own families.

We invite you to enjoy Aspenwood Cellars wines and we hope you find each taste of our wines a truthful expression of our dedication to producing only the best.


Jim Petty, Owner / Winemaker

Aspenwood Cellars

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