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At The Tasting Room
March 2017

Buy 1st Bottle / 2nd 50% Off


Tasting 1: Latest Available Release

 $5.00 (credited back with purchase)1/Wine Club Free

                                                 750ml               5oz  

                                                     Bottle**             GlassX

         A.         '13 Kickback Red Blend                  $29                $9

B.           ’13 Merlot µ Bronze                    $33                $9

C.            '13 Cabernet Sauvignon µ Gold     $45                $12

D.           ’13 Syrah µ Bronze                                            $37                  $10


Tasting 2: Mellow to Full Body

 $5.00  (credited back with purchase)1/Wine Club Free

                                                         750ml               5oz  

                                                               Bottle**             GlassX

 E.             ‘12 Elegance Red Blend µ Bronze            $31                $9

        F.              ’11 Merlot                                            $33                $9

        G.            ‘10 PC Cabernet Sauvignon                       $37                  $10

        H.             ‘10 RW Syrah Editor’s Choice Tasting Rm Magazine $39              $10


Flight: 3oz of 3 wines of Your Choice or ask for suggestions

 $12.00** + 10% off regularly priced wine**

Served in a special holder, the  amount of wine allows for a more leisurely and deeper evaluation of the wines.  Savor the wine as it breathes and opens up with air exposure.  Sharing by two persons or alone with food for one person recommended.  Nine (9) oz of wine, equivalent to almost 2 glasses.


1 = credit 1 fee / bottle up to max tasting fees charged   µ = Medal Winner                    

** = Plus Sales Tax   X  = Includes Sales Tax